Protection Against Spell


Protection Against Spell Many people involved in Pagan and Wicca spirituality find themselves, at some point, worrying about magical attack. What if someone casts a spell on me? How will I know? What do I do? More importantly, how do I protect myself so that it doesn’t happen in the first place? Did You Know?
What is a magical attack? It’s a curse or a hex, that’s designed to make things go badly for you… but you could just be having a run of bad luck.
Ask a trusted friend to do a bit of divination work to see if you really are cursed or hexed.
Protection Against Spell For general protection, most people use a simple shielding method.
Take mundane, or non-magical, actions as well, in order to keep potential problems out of your life.
Well, first of all, relax. Chances are really good that you’re not going to be the victim of a magical attack at all. Here’s why: it takes a certain amount of skill and effort to magically attack someone with a curse or hex, and honestly, many people aren’t interested in putting forth that much work, and of those, many do not have the skill level required for a magical strike. In other words, Protection Against Spell not everyone who talks the talk can walk the walk. That having been said, if someone is willing to put forth the effort and they have the ability to craft an effective spell, it’s possible you could be the victim of a deliberate, concentrated attack. Be aware, also, that in most cases, someone who tells you they’ve hexed, cursed, or otherwise put a spell on you is the one least likely to be able to do so.

Magical Protection

If you feel you’ve genuinely been the victim of a magical attack, the first thing to do is protect yourself from further mischief. Once you’ve done that, you need to get started on removal of the curse or hex. For general protection, most people use a simple shielding method. This is a psychic shell that one draws around themselves. You can do this either by casting a circle of Protection and recharging it periodically, or you can charge an amulet or talisman with protective properties. Protection Against Spell This will be an effective way of protecting you in the majority of magical attacks. Property and vehicles can be protected as well. You can place a magical barrier or ward around your yard, keep a protective amulet or talisman in your car, or even set up a shield around your desk at work.

Protection Against Spell Banishing Spells

Protect yourself from negative influences and energy! Protective magic, exorcism, spirit and black magic liberation are among our most important services. Protection Against Spell We free our clients from negative influences and create an energetic protective shield and personal protective amulets. Talk to us!

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