The Secret of Success Spell

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The secret of success spell I’ve been a witch for more than a decade but I still remember the early stages of my path. First there’s the rush of excitement and the whirlwind of confusion as you’re confronted with so much information. You try to take it all in in huge swathes and find yourself a bit overwhelmed but nonetheless still excited. I focus on that initial stage of learning the craft a lot around here but there’s another important stage that comes just after that first jolt of wonder. Everyone hits it at a different point in their journey, some may take a few months, The secret of success spell others a year or more but eventually we all hit a point in our learning where we feel like we KNOW a lot but we don’t feel like we quite have a grasp on using what we’ve learned.

Stop worrying that it’s not going to work

I’m serious though, that constant worry about whether or not your spell is working and wondering if you screwed something up isn’t doing you any favors ! Think of it like this, magic is the application of energy through intent. When you cast a spell, you’re performing actions and saying words that help move energy in the direction of your intention. The secret of success spell If you spend all of your time after the spell worrying though, that energy could interfere with your original intent.

Secret #1: Don’t stress about the fine details

Secret #2: Get theatrical about it

The Secret of Success Spell

Have you ever stumbled over an incantation or realized at the last second that you’re out of almond oil and had to substitute olive oil? These little details can seem overwhelmingly large in the moment but in the grand scheme of things, The secret of success spell they’re generally inconsequential. The secret of success spell Again, magic is about directing energy through intention. Every action, every tool, and every step involved in a spell is simply a way to solidify your intention and channel energy.

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